Kings Mills


Paradise is the largest and most historic of the three grand rooms, dating back to the early 1700.  Constructed over 300 years ago, Paradise has four-foot thick solid stonewalls bestowing upon it the appearance of a castle.  Massive beams anchor into the original stonework, making this room a masterful presentation of architecture splendor from the Victorian era.  The hard wood ceilings tower 18 feet creating a grand and majestic appearance.  Nine beautiful windows rise out of the stone facing the waterfall located just feet from the main entrance to the facility. The stunning stone bar sits at the end of the ballroom and blends seamlessly into the space with its oak bar top and a balcony situated serenely above to accommodate your DJ.  An oak wood staircase leads to the cake landing, which provides a perfect viewing angle from any vantage point in the room.  The entrance to Paradise is marked with a massive stone archway leading onto the patio and large deck.  Truly, Paradise is the perfect setting for your special day.

Paradise can accommodate 300 guests with a dance floor