Kings Mills

Frequently Asked Questions – Wedding


General Questions

Q:  How do I reserve a date at Kings Mills? 

A:  In order, to reserve a date at Kings Mills, you would need to decide on the date, room, and time of the event.  Parties have a non- refundable deposit of $500 and weddings have a non-refundable deposit of $2000.

Q:  What type of payments are accepted for the deposits and/or final payment?

A:  Payments are accepted in the form of checks, wire transfers, or cash.


Q:  Is there a separate fee to rent the ballroom? 

A: No, there is no rental fee for the ballroom it is included in the person package price.

Q:  Are we able to extend our wedding/event? 

A:  You have the option to extend your wedding/event in advance, or to extend on the night of the wedding/event.

Q:  Do you offer discounts or incentives on wedding packages in any specific months or dates? 

A: In addition to our Friday and Sunday discounts, we also offer additional discounts and/or incentives in January, February, March, July, August and December. Please call for details.

Q:  Do you offer specials for military, police, fire? 

A:  Absolutely, for our brides and grooms that serve in the military, the police force or fire departments we have special incentives to thank them for their service. Please call for details

Q:  Do you offer a food tastings? 

A:  We are a full service banquet facility, but do not have a restaurant on site; therefore, we are not able to offer food tastings.  The same chefs and cooks have been preparing our food for over 19 years and in that time we have grown into the premier banquet facility in our region. We have not run a single advertisement in over 23 years and have prospered from “word of mouth” referrals.

Q:  Can you accommodate special dietary needs? 

A:  Our chefs can prepare special meals for dietary needs such as gluten free, vegan, or food allergies. Please let us know at your final checklist and we will make sure that these guests are accommodated.

Q:  Do you offer children’s meals and at what age? 

A:  Yes, children meals are offered for ages 9 and under at a reduced price.

Q:  Do you offer a special price for vendor meals? 

A:  We provide vendors with the same food options as the guests at a discounted rate.

Q:  What is your alcohol policy? Do you provide bartenders? 

A:  Kings Mills is a BYOB facility and you have one of two options regarding liquor. If you would like to bring in your own alcohol, we would provide a list of everything you need with the types and quantities.  You can drop off the alcohol the week of the wedding and we will get everything set up for you. If you would like the liquor to be delivered, we have a brokerage service available that will deliver the liquor for the price at the state store with no other fees.  We work with a bartender service to supply trained and knowledgeable bartenders for your event. The required tip for the bartender is $75 and he would also have a tip cup on the bar.

Q:  When should I choose my options and make my menu selections? 

A:  Generally a preliminary checklist is scheduled 3-6 months before the wedding reception and a final checklist is scheduled 11-13 days before the wedding date!

Q:  Do you have weekend appointments available to come and tour the facility? 

A:  We host most of our events on Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays, so we are not able to accommodate appointments on the weekend. We do, however, offer evening hours one night a week to accommodate those who are not available during the day.

Q:  Does Kings Mills hold multiple events on the same day?

A:  Yes, we usually hold up to two events on one day. Each event has its own entrance, bar and bathrooms so that there is no intermingling of crowds. Privacy is of the utmost importance at Kings Mills.  We do offer an exclusive package to host only one wedding on a day, please inquire in the office for availability and pricing. 

Q:  Do I need to hire a separate wedding coordinator? 

A:  Kings Mills staff are trained wedding coordinators and can take care of all your wedding details. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to hire a separate wedding coordinator for your reception.

Q:  Are the ballrooms/bathrooms handicapped accessible? 

A:  All of the ballrooms are handicap accessible and have handicap accessible restrooms.

Q:  Is there ample parking? 

A:  Kings Mills has abundant on-site complimentary parking for your guests. 

Q:  What is the largest number of guests Kings Mills can accommodate for a wedding/banquet with dancing?

A:  Our Paradise and Waters Edge ballrooms can be combined to accommodate groups over 600 people with a large dance floor.


Vendor Questions

Q:  Do you have vendors that you recommend? 

A:  We provide a list of preferred vendors to all of our weddings/events. All of the vendors that we recommend are fully insured and are leaders in their industry. 

Q:  Can we choose the vendors or do we have to work exclusively with a certain set?  

A:  The vendors that we recommend are the front runners in their industry; however, you are not required to use our recommended vendors.

Q:  Are there any requirements for outside vendors? 

A:  We provide you with a rules and waiver sheet for your vendors to fill out and return to us.   All vendors are required, of course, to have general business liability insurance to perform on the property as is a standard in the industry.

Q:  Does our DJ need to bring in sound equipment? 

A:  Kings Mills has a full club sound system with lighting effects built into the room. The only equipment that a DJ is permitted to bring is their laptop computer and a mini controller.

Q:  What are the rules and restrictions for having a band?

A: We have a fantastic band that we recommend or you are welcome to use a band of your choice. There is a $495.00 band charge. This fee includes the extra setup and breakdown time for a band, powered monitors for the band, an area carpet for the band to set up on and we will have cables to connect their mixing board to ours. The band would only bring in their instruments, microphones and mix down board. The band would need to use electronic drum kits since regular drum kits are not permitted.

Q:  How early can vendors get into the ballroom?  

A:  The ballrooms are open 30 minutes prior to the event for your DJ, photographer and videographer. The room will be available 1 hour prior to your scheduled event if you have a band. Florists will be assigned a delivery time.

Q:  Do you work with any local hotels? 

A:  We have special rates set up with many of the local hotels and most of them have an optional shuttle service available for your guests. The hotel list can be viewed on our website under the vendor’s page.

Q:  Can we use our own caterer?  

A: No, we are a full service facility with our own chefs and cooks and for insurance reasons we are not able to accommodate outside caterers on the premises.

Q:  Can we have a photo booth at the reception?

A:  Kings Mills exclusively offers only the best photo booth available; so all photo booths must be provided by Kings Mills.  Photos can be done in black and white or color. A professional attendant is included to assist the guests with using the photo booth. The photo booth incorporates a DSLR camera for high quality photos.  Photo strips will have the wedding names and date printed on them and will be produced on a Dye-sublimation printer for fast high-quality prints. Hats, glasses, masks and other props are provided for your guests to use at the photo booth.  



Q:  Can we bring in our own centerpieces? 

A: Yes, you are welcome to bring your own centerpieces. However, we include two styles of lighted lamps for the tables, and we have also just added state of the art color lighted centerpieces at an additional fee.

Q:  When do I drop off items for the wedding/event and who will set these items out? 

A:  Items are dropped off either Tuesday or Wednesday the week of the wedding/event.  We will gladly set these Items out for you when we set up your room.  Items need to be delivered preassembled and/or ready to be placed on tables.

Q:  Can we bring in potted plants or flowers?

A:  You may use potted plants or flowers outside the facility, but for sanitary reasons we do not allow plants or flowers in dirt or soil inside the buildings.

Q:  If I’m in need of any wedding accessories, do you have anything available on site?   

A:  Kings Mills is a full service wedding facility with a complete showroom of wedding accessories.

Q:  What is your policy on open flames in the room? 

A:  Kings Mills is a historic structure and therefore, we are not permitted to have open flames in any of our rooms with the exception of certain ceremonial candles (i.e. memorial candle or unity candle).